Product Review: Urban Decay’s Vice Palette

If you’re makeup obsessed like I am, then you’ve probably already heard about Urban Decay’s Vice Palette. It’s no secret that I love me some eyeshadow, so when I saw this amazing palette at Sephora, I couldn’t help myself! The colours were so vibrant and beautiful, it would be a travesty not to own this limited edition set, wouldn’t it? The Vice Palette is the centre of Urban Decay’s 2012 Holiday Collection. It has a great variety of matte, shimmer, and satin shadows, in both neutral and bright colours.

More bang for your buck:

I would have to say that you are definitely getting your money’s worth with this one! The palette includes 20 shadows of 0.8g and sells for $ 68 CAD. Now you might think that’s pricy but it’s actually a great value when compared to UD’s individual shadows. The easiest comparison is to MAC, a company most are familiar with. Their shadows contain 1.5g but are $18 each! Even if you half the price to $9 to somewhat match the grams, you would be paying $180 for 20 shadows! So UD’s Vice is obviously worth it!

What you get:

These shadows are great quality. Minimal creasing and long lasting! The case is also quite luxurious. The cover has a jewelled UD logo and the case automatically opens with a push of the button (It’s not necessary, but pretty cool.) The case also comes with a double ended eyeshadow brush. One all purpose side and one blending/crease side.

Let’s talk colour: 

You get plenty of pigmented colours. My favourites have to be desperation (a beautiful smoky eye colour), provocateur (so sparkly and gorgeous!), noise (vibrant and pink!), and laced (great for everyday). I do have to say that I find it lacking a really good highlighting colour, although anonymous is pretty, it just isn’t light and shimmery enough for what I like.

If you’re a neat freak like me you might get annoyed at the fact that the case get’s so easily dirty. And if you’re thinking that these bright colours look intimidating, I would suggest their Naked Palette’s (this one or this one) for some great neutral colours. And remember, the holidays are just around the corner and this would make a great gift for any makeup lover!

Hope you found this review helpful!



5 thoughts on “Product Review: Urban Decay’s Vice Palette

    • I do have the same problem, especially with the really sparkly shadows. I find that just lightly taping my brush into the shadow and using just a little product at a time really helps to minimize the excess. Also you want to apply you concealer on after you to your eye makeup so you are able to brush excess away without ruining your other makeup. Hope this helps!

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