Blackberry vs. iPhone


This post is for all my fellow Blackberry users out there. Yes I am what it seems like one of the last people on the planet to own a Blackberry, and I’m sure like many others I am discriminated against because of this. May I ask what is wrong with not owning an iPhone? Recently the iPhone has taken over almost my entire social circle. If you thought that your friends were addicted to their phones before, well let me tell you that the iPhone will steal them from you permanently. I don’t even know the colors of my friend’s eyes anymore, as the iPhone is constantly keeping them from making eye contact. And don’t even get me started on the new found attitude that accompanies an iPhone user. As if Siri is their hot new girlfriend that makes them look and feel as though they are out of anyone’s league.

Yes the iPhone is a good cell phone, and many believe that its better than the Blackberry, but lets keep it real people. Lets not let these gadgets divide us. These barriers are only keeping us from what really counts. The next person who looks at my Blackberry and sticks their nose up will be hit in the face with it, and unlike their iPhones my blackberry is most likely going to survive the blow.

Happy texting,



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