Amanda’s May Favorites!

1. Chanel Hydra Beauty Gel Cream – When I went to Chanel for a new foundation a few months back (seen here) I was introduced to their skin care line. The rep at the counter put this new moisturizing gel before applying my foundation and it just felt so light and wonderful on my face. I suffered from dry skin a lot this winter so this month I decided to go ahead and purchase this luxury product (It was not cheap). I saw an improvement in less than a week! Now I use just a dab (a little goes a long way) twice a day after I wash my face and it has really helped with dryness and the overall look of my face.


2. Straw Sun Hat – I picked up this straw hat at La Vie En Rose while doing some vacation shopping. This classic hat with a twist was such a good find! Its shape is so elegant and the whole on top accompanied by the bow in the back gives it a little something extra. It looks way more expensive then the $12.95 I paid!


3. Striped Sneakers – I have been on the hunt for a cute little sneaker to run about town in for quite some time now. I found these red and white striped ones at Old Navy on sale for about $12 (Score!). Try these or opt for the Keds Arti bought. No matter what your price range or style, there’s a cute sneaker out there for everyone!


4. Maybelline’s Color Sensational Lipstain – Yay for lips! I have been making quite the progress in the lip color area (quite proud of myself). My newest obsession is this lipstain in Fellin’ Rosy. It’s prefect for when I just want a little color while making my lips still look natural. The tip is like a marker, and I can add just a hint of color for that “I just had a bowl of cherries” look or a lot if I’m going for the “I just had a barrel of cherries” look. I just add a bit of gloss on top and I’m good to go!


5. Revenge – New obsession alert! This ABC show started last September and although I had heard many great things about the drama series I hadn’t had the time to check it out until this May. I became so hooked I basically caught up on 21 episodes in about a week, just in time to watch the season finale on May 23rd. The show should come with a warning: extremely addictive! If you haven’t yet, check this one out! Season 2 should start up sometime in the Fall and I simply can’t wait.



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