The Go-To

Ever look at a picture and think “What the hell am I wearing?” or “Why didn’t someone tell me I look completely ridiculous?” Well, if you lived through the 90’s there’s a pretty good chance you did (just admit it, it’s OK). I firmly believe that everyone (yes, EVERYONE) should have a person that they can go to and ask, “What do you think?” and not a “ What do you think and please lie and tell me I’m fabulous” but a god’s honest “Does this work for me or should I go back and try again?” And you might be thinking to yourself “ Why? I know fashion, I have great style, I don’t need someone to tell me if I look decent.” Well, you do.

When it comes to fashion, there is reality, which is how people view you and then there is a warped sense of imagination, which is how we see ourselves. Now you might think that wearing a skin-tight leopard leotard is perfect for just walking around downtown but really, you’re not Lady Gaga, so go put some pants on. This is why we all should have a Go-To. A friend, a family member or someone who’s fashion opinion we trust to guide us in the right and appropriate direction. Personally, this person for me is my mom. You’re probably thinking “Really? Your mom is the person you ask about fashion?” Hey, she’s in the fashion business, she went to design school, she knows what’s up. I can always count on her to give me her honest opinion, which is sometimes brutal, but trust me I thank her later. When I say opinion, I mean whether I look appropriate for an occasion or whether what I’m wearing goes cause I’m trying something different. Obviously, if I’m leaving for a night on the town and she tells me my dress is too short then it’s probably the perfect length, but I think you get where I’m coming from.

Everyone should have that person. If you’re one of those people that gets offended by some constructive criticism then I’m not talking to you (you might just regret it when you look back at pictures). Sometimes you just need an opinion. Cause a tube top is not appropriate at the work place, and yes you should be wearing underwear under that dress so that you don’t pull a Britney (I still love her). Sometimes you just need to realize that you’re not a pop sensation, now take that meat dress off and go change!

Happy Styling,



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