NYC Loving

Hi everyone!!!

I hope you are all enjoying this hot weather! Summer is coming and that means vacation time!!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I recently took a trip to New York City. One of the most important highlights during my trip revolved around delicious food and restaurant ambiance. It’s hard to choose where to eat given the variety in a huge city like New York. However, after a lot of research and some word of mouth, here is a list of places you must try whenever you plan to visit!

Dos Caminos- Park

We came here on the first night and it hit the spot! To begin, the service was very good; our waitress was capable and sweet (besides the fact that she almost knocked me out while I was leaning outside my booth but that was my fault — too much alchy)! I had seen Kourtney Kardashian going to Dos Caminos on KKTNY and I just had to check it out. Honestly, it was the best Mexican food I’ve ever had. The chicken was deliciously marinated!


Olive Garden- Times Square

The following day, we went to Times Square and had lunch at the Olive Garden. This well renowned resto is a must-go for me every time I visit The States. I’m hooked on their 5-Cheese-Ziti pasta with marinara sauce…just typing that makes me


Tao Nyc

On our second night on the town we made reservations at the fabulous Tao New York. We waited about 45 min to get our table, but damn was it worth it! There’s a nice bar to wait at and let’s not forget to mention the distinctly gorgeous ambiance and decorations! With live jazz music, how can you go wrong? We shared some yummy sushi, dumplings, general tao, and couple of long island iced teas.

Molyvos Nyc

Now this Greek restaurant…*pause*… is just heaven on earth. With no further exaggeration, it was incredible. We arrived at the restaurant at midnight, when the kitchen was about to close but the manager was nice enough to accept us.  It’s a pretty upscale place, and the food is a bit pricey, so it’s natural to assume (at least in Montreal) that the portion is going to be tiny. But no my friends, it was enormous. I ordered Pork and to be honest , it was the best meal I’ve had in a long time. If you don’t go to Molyvos when you’re in NYC then…I just feel sorry for you. Lol No just kidding, but you have to go!

Here are some more pics from my weekend in the city.



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