Color is the New Denim

C/O H&M's Facebook

In case you’ve been under a rock for the last few months or you’ve been cut off from the fashion world for some horrendous reason, colors of all kinds have replaced the blue jeans that fill your closet this Spring/Summer. Continuing the color-blocking trend that started last year, jeans and pants have been died vibrant yellows, hot pinks and minty greens. After winters dark colors and wearing the same boring blue jeans practically all day every day, this trend was such a breath of fresh air.

I decided to hop-on the colored denim bandwagon and bought a pair of electric orange jeans (here). I loved them so much and got so many compliments that I bought the exact same pair in green. Now if you’re thinking “I can’t pull orange pants off cause it’s gonna make my ass/hips look three times the size” then you are so very very wrong. The key to color denim is the same for pretty much any clothing you’ll buy in your life, and that my friend, is fit. The fit is so important when choosing pants that it should exceed all other reason for purchase. Why would you buy something that makes your butt look saggy? Or gives you that most unflattering muffin top that all women despise. My awesome orange pants came from H&M and were a magical $29.95. I loved the fit of them so much I bought them in five different colors, the aforementioned green as well as black, white and beige. I say if you find pants that fit you real well, you should get them in as many colors as possible! Because who doesn’t need a good pair of black pants? No one! And how do you find the perfect fit pant for your body type you might ask? TRY THEM ON! Try every single pant on because in a pile of hundreds of them you might only find one pair that fits you really well, but you are going to love them! And if you’re scared to try this new color trend, you might not want to spring for an orange pair right away. Try an indigo color or a purple to ease your way into it. And if you’re all in then go for some printed denim (that’s where I’m headed next)! Once you realize how awesome wearing colored pants are, you won’t be putting those boring blue jeans on for the rest of the season.

Happy shopping!



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