Drake Needs ‘Taking Care’ Of

Okay, so anyone who has had ‘Take Care’ on repeat for several hours has the right to say “WTF?” when watching the video that was probably made in the span of an hour with the help of ill lighting, three random animals and Drake shaking his head until he’s no longer Drizzy but just dizzy.

For the best song on the album with lyrics that tell a specific story, how could you go wrong? How is this video relevant to someone who has loved and lost? Or has been hurt in some way? They could have made an amazing video that would have actually done justice to the song.

The random scenes of mountains, birds, bulls, arrows and even the choice of animals do not make sense. Oh and I forgot to mention the most insignificant part of the video (but can u blame me?) Rihanna staring at the camera with dead eyes and a bad wig is not going to save the day people! DO SOMETHING RiRi! Look Alive! She might as well have been hugging a tree while she was hugging Drake. Where is the chemistry that we once saw in the video “What’s my name?”

Drake if you’re going to take care of anything, take care of firing the entire production crew who is behind ruining your title track, and maybe we’ll watch the next video.



If you haven’t yet, check out the video here and give your opinion!


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