Arti’s March Favorites!

  1. Betsey Johnson Tulle Dress – I absolutely LOVE this dress! I recently went to NYC and visited the Woodbury Outlets and made this purchase for only $100! I’ve been a fan of the fashion house for years, but because of the price range I couldn’t afford to buy a $600 dress. I can’t wait to wear it!!
  2. Michael Kors Watch – I was looking everywhere for a specific Micheal Kors watch I saw someone wearing awhile ago but couldn’t find it :(! The person I went shopping with convinced me to buy this watch and I’ve been getting so many compliments on it. It’s gorgeous and I really enjoy wearing it but I’m still on the look out for that rose gold watch!
  3. Betsey Johnson Elephant Ring – I’m honestly in love with this ring! It’s so cute andfunky, and only cost $10 (Outlet shopping!). It’s one of those accessories that just makes you really happy!
  4. Nerdy Glasses – I bought these glasses from Canal Street for only $5. I adore them, they look super cute and add a certain edge to my outfit. 
  5. Beaded Hair Piece – I purchased this accessory from Boutique 1861 a few months ago but only wore it a few weeks back. I’m most comfortable wearing my hair down so it’s a great piece to wear on the side to spice up my look. 

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